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In this Digital Era, everything is going to be online, so why not your business or service? Join our list and take the opportunity to promote your business in your local area and get easy reach to your local customers, get new leads, provide more convenience to your customers and show your easy availability in the market to increase your sales.

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  1. Choose the plan (Listing Package) from home page
  2. Fill up the Company Details Form
  3. Our executive will visit your company at any working hours you mentioned (after pre-appointment)
  4. After verification, the Registration process will be done
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Panvel Bazaar?

Panvel Bazaar (PanvelBazaar.com) is the most localized and reliable search engine that provides local search related services to users across the Panvel Taluka through the website.

How does it help to Panvelkars?

It helps to Panvelkars to find out the necessary information about their local shops, offices, businesses, government offices, emergency service providers, events and other helpful places which makes the Panvelkars daily task easier and hassle-free.

Which information does it provide to Panvelkars?

In Panvel Bazaar website, you can get full detailed information about your local necessary places like its Company/ firm overview, Business/ work it conducts, Contact details, Working hours, Review about the company/ firm experience and so on.

How does it help to Panvel Businesses and services?

Panvel Bazaar gives the platform for the Panvel Businesses and Services to show their entity to whole Panvel Taluka. It helps them by giving the opportunity of promotion in the local area and creating convenience for their customers to increase sales by publishing important information at one place.

How does it help in the growth of Panvel Taluka?

In many ways, Panvel Bazaar helps in the growth of The Panvel Taluka. It helps local people to complete their daily tasks in an easy way as people can easily contact and get detailed information about the services in just a few clicks without hassle. Even people can get informed about emergency news and other important information.

It helps to Panvel Businesses and service providers to provide more convenience to their customers to double their leads and sales

"Panvel Jobs" option is the most powerful platform to connect the Job seeking people and Vacancies in our local area in Panvel Taluka.

Panvel Bazaar provides accurate and updated data which saves the valuable times and efforts of The Panvelkars. Know More

What is "Panvel Jobs" option and how does it work?

"Panvel Jobs" option is the powerful steps taken for giving the opportunities to Panvelkars to find the job within Panvel Areas. Also, it helps firms and companies to hire skilled and local people to cut their unnecessary HR cost.

This is the FREE service from Panvel Bazaar to contribute to the growth of the Local Employment in Panvel Taluka and growth of the city.

We don't charge any single Rupee from Candidate and Recruiter.